Interlocking Sleeves


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If you own a “Titan” Telescoping Flagpole and in the event that you have a particular section of the flagpole that will not lock in place, you can order replacement interlocking sleeves which will be the correct size and color. Please use the diagram in this section to assist you in ordering the proper part.

Sleeve replacement consist of 2 parts. (Top and Bottom as shown in the picture).  You will receive both parts in your order.  For best results replace both parts/sleeves. We also include step by step instructions to help you in changing out these parts. (A copy can be looked at or downloaded by going to the instruction tab and select Interlocking Sleeve Replacement). When removing the pin, only the Phillips head screw will turn. The common/flat head is only used to hold the pin. The price shown is for shipping and handling, the parts are under warranty for the life of the pole.