Our Titan Solar Light for Telescoping Flag Poles are the best and most reliable flagpole solar lights available. Made in the USA, it has a 2 year factory warranty and it works!

If you have a flagpole, and want to illuminate your flag, you will Love This Product! The Titan Solar Light takes only a minute to add to your flagpole.

The Titan Solar Light…

… is made in the USA! Helps keep Americans working!

… has an aluminum top, not a plastic top like other solar lights.

… has a high output American made solar panel, embedded into the aluminum top plate.

… has 4 long lasting, rechargeable solar batteries.

… has a 2 year warranty on components, (excluding batteries) and is all American Made!

… has much brighter LED’s than other solar lights on the market.

… has a dusk-to-dawn, automatic on-off feature.

… allows you to locate your flagpole where you want, with no expense of running an electrical circuit for a light!

… is available in 2 colors to match your flagpole – Silver or Bronze/Black.

… saves on your electric bill! Go green with the Titan Solar Light!

Last but not least, the best feature of this light is that you are respecting our flag by illuminating it at night! Remember, Lighting your flag at night is an important part of “Flag Etiquette”.

Shipping price listed in the check out is for Continental US Only!  For more information on this product, please contact us.