Deluxe Set Office Set


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This set includes a brass plated eagle ornament, (7 – 1/2″ Wing Span Perched) a gold cord and tassel, a 2 piece oak pole (8′ x 1-1/8″) with brass screw joint and a gold anodized Endura floor stand. (12″ Diameter)  This set comes with a 3 X 5 US Nylon Flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes, pole hem, leather tabs and gold fringe. Not intended for outdoor display.

The eagle on top will add 7″ to the over all length.  Please make sure you have enough clearance.



We also carry variations of this flag set i.e. larger flags on the set, flying eagle, 9′ Oak Poles and 11′ Gold Aluminum Poles.  If you do not find the set you are looking for please give us a call at 239-246-4612.

Call for pricing.  239-246-4612